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Spirituality, Religion Not Regularly Discussed at the Deathbed

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lightAs much as instinct might suggest otherwise, a new study reveals that, in fact, religious and spiritual discussions aren’t a big part of a person’s end-of-life experience. And this is the case particularly where ICU physicians are concerned.

The discussion of religious or spiritual considerations occurs in fewer than […]

Regrets Only, Please

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regrets-only-pleaseRegret is such an unpleasant emotion. It nibbles at the edges of choice, eroding certainty and filling the mind with uncomfortable contemplations. In full force, it suffocates the spirit, insisting upon a recognition of past decisions whose subsequent second-guessing can leave a soul reeling with remorse.

Best to avoid […]

Religious Brain Project Seeks Spirituality Links

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religious-brain-project-seeks-spirituality-linksThe intersection of the spiritual realm and the physical body is a fascinating place to spend time. It is here that the former’s influence on the latter is revealed plainly, thanks to the view in afforded by science.

The Religious Brain Project is a new study — among the first of its kind — […]

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Addiction’s Strange Relationship with Spirituality

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spiritualityAs is the case with so many tragic aftermaths, the one attached to the sudden passing of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has come with a flurry of sense-seeking speculation. How could such a tragedy happen in a world that purports to be kind, that alleges to strive for grace and moral propriety? Why does a man become so addicted to a substance so devastatingly wicked that he’s prepared to let it steal his very existence?

Surely, the desperately drain-circling deliberations conclude, spirituality — or the absence thereof — has a role to play in it. […]

Taking a Spiritual Measure

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The prickly relationship between spirituality and science is an enduring preoccupation for folks who claim fierce allegiance to either side of the marriage. But it’s a troubled one, too, given people’s inherent reluctance to share intimate details about their spiritual life and the challenge of social scientists to effectively gather such information in a way that it might be put to useful application.

The subject gets fresh life with, a spanking new website established to amass critical, experiential, real-time data on spirituality and understand how they intersect with people’s daily lives.


A Spiritual Summer Reading List

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a-spiritual-summer-reading-listSummer: when the length of your days finally matches the length of your reading list. Make the most of this extravagant stretch with a succinct inventory of must-reads. Better still, see to it that every one of them has a transcendent bent, so you exit the exercise (and enter the autumn) with your spirit all filled up.

An eclectic mix to get you started:

Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind, Margaret Placentra Johnston. Named Gold Winner of the prestigious 2013 […]

From Smart Leader to Wise Leader, by Way of Spiritual Wisdom

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from-smart-leader-to-wise-leader-by-way-of-spiritual-wisdomIt ain’t easy being the guy at the top of the heap. People look to you for direction constantly, and the means by which you might give it are copious and a challenge to parse through in pursuit of the best. But ponderous deliberations about leadership styles — all the rage these days — can be dauntingly off-putting for the sheer volume of options they include. Should you be a hard-line or a compassionate manager? A sensitive, work-life balance kind of guy or a fierce achiever? And where does spirituality figure into the debate?


The Profound Spirituality of Astrology

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Today, you will reconsider the virtues of an ancient discipline that ties the heavens to the earth with streaming celestial ribbons, but suffers a fairly recently acquired, and arguably undeserved, reputation for being wish-fed nonsense.

Astrology, too often relegated to the junk drawers of fortune-telling and malarkey, is actually a legitimate science with plenty to offer a spiritually engaged, forward-looking world.


Spirituality and Your Mental State

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The esoteric benefits to one’s physical health of living a spiritual life continue to lurk mostly in the halls of the not fully understood. Still, the world acknowledges an irrefutable connection between the two. More than that, an expanding body of recognition for the role a spiritual life has to play in maintaining and enhancing one’s mental health is gaining visibility.



Your Life’s Work

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Forget spirituality on the job; how about spirituality as a job?

There’s no shortage of paying posts to absorb someone who’d like her professional preoccupations to reflect those filling out her personal balance sheet. Think artistic community director, organic farmer, yogi, healer and a slew of other careers with a decidedly spiritual bent. On, find some 1,108 “spiritual jobs,” an exhaustive inventory that, on one recent sweep, included […]

Lance Armstrong – Being Human

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lance-armstrong-being-humanSo now we know.

Lance Armstrong — cyclist extraordinaire, athlete of superstar dimensions, cancer survivor, fundraiser, beat-all-life’s-odds victor — lied. Oh, we’re not completely wet behind the ears here. We certainly suspected this man’s betrayal before it was officially confirmed with us. The preponderance of evidence against him was just too massive to overlook. Plus, his much-disdained abandonment of girlfriend Sheryl Crow when she developed cancer a few years back didn’t exactly set him up as a sympathetic figure.


10 Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions

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Truly, a person could make a New Years resolution for ones-self on any day of the year. Groundhog Day, say, or the third Thursday in August. But there’s something about New Year’s and the weight it’s freighted with expectancy for the stretch that lies ahead, that make is a prime calendric choice for enacting change.

And so New Years’s it is. Let’s call it the month of January, to make it easy. This first month provides a clean white sheet of foolscap upon which to pen our reinvented selves.