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By Ann Kaplan Mulholland

“Just because I study spirituality-because I talk about it-that does not mean I am a good person, but it doesn't mean I am not either.”

Lance Armstrong – Being Human

So now we know. Lance Armstrong — cyclist extraordinaire, athlete of superstar dimensions, cancer survivor, fundraiser, beat-all-life’s-odds victor — lied. Oh, we’re not completely wet behind the ears here. We certainly suspected this man’s betrayal before it was officially confirmed with us. The preponderance of evidence against him was just too massive to overlook. Plus,…

10 Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions

Truly, a person could make a New Years resolution for ones-self on any day of the year. Groundhog Day, say, or the third Thursday in August. But there’s something about New Year’s and the weight it’s freighted with expectancy for the stretch that lies ahead, that make is a prime calendric choice for enacting change….

…And I Feel Fine

And so here we sit on the brink. On the brink of nothing at all, maybe. Or on the brink of everything there is. It’s not like we haven’t been here before. Take 1978, when a pair of University physics profs wrote a book called The Jupiter Effect, in which they predicted the end of…

Spirituality v Superstition: An Ethereal Throwdown

For ease of application and avoidance of extra effort — concepts of which we humans are extremely fond — the world’s amorphous concepts are often lumped under grab-bag headings that lose their precision with each new reference that’s stashed inside them. So it is with spirituality, and so it is with superstition. And so it…

Touching Your Spirit at Work

In the gale-force windstorm of industry and expectation, demand and disappointment, paperwork and power plays that defines the modern workplace, it’s no surprise that a person’s sense of spiritual connection is in constant peril. But scoring inner peace on the job is an entirely achievable forecast.