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Over the past two decades, we have watched the Cosmedic Industry evolve into a multi-billion dollar business. Consumers stepped out of the closet-with their latest and greatest best friend (their plastic surgeon) draped over their arm-to exuberantly extol the advantages of enhancement.
Clinics started popping up everywhere, from the back of the hairdresser’s workshop to the (who-would-have-thought-it-was-possible) narrow storefront next door. Doctors started thinking about marketing and ad agencies became bookies for the best placement. Then the dark clouds rolled in…as potential patients began searching for deals and services, the Internet became the catalyst to assist them.
Doctors who caught on early built websites and witnessed “standing room only” in their reception areas, while others scratched their heads, refusing to believe the Internet was that powerful. Now, over 90% of people use the Internet (at some point) to find a doctor, seek information, or price services. The trouble is, having a website is no longer enough – where you show up in a Google search is just as important.
The INTERNet explains how cosmedic doctors can position themselves precisely where they want their patients to find them-on the first page of Google (or Bing or Yahoo!). With great insight, innovative ideas, and lessons taken from successful doctors, Ann Kaplan will show you how to make the Internet work for you. She won’t just help you understand search engine optimization, she will change the way you think about marketing the business of beauty.

“Physicians need to do a cost-benefit analysis to ensure their investment in an SEO program pays (off) – the eyeballs you are attracting turn into paying customers.”
Dr. Frances Jang – Celebrated Skin Expert/Cosmetic Dermatologist

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