Ideally, plastic surgery does not exist in a vacuum and is, instead, well buffered in the Company of other medical specialties. Like dermatology, by blending state-of-the-art treatments in different disciplines, the combination procedures results in a single treatment that on its own never could.

Dermatologists pick up where plastic surgeons leave off. While the latter draws on his thorough understanding of facial structure in his efforts to furnish patients with the youthful appearances they seek, the former is armed with a wide range of more superficial options for reducing the telltale signs of aging. And so, while a surgeon can reposition a face’s sagging tissues with a scalpel to a more pleasing effect, a dermatologist can then tackle the surface of the skin with noninvasive therapies like microdermabrasion or chemical peels to improve skin uniformity and encourage the regeneration of healthy cells.

Such a holistic combo is why patients who consult with a practice that’s outfitted with both plastic surgery and dermatology services are best places to enjoy the best of both worlds. In many cases, after all, complete rejuvenation of the face involves a combination of both surgical and dermatological approaches. This kind of multidisciplinary practice recognizes the strong link between skin care and its appearance and provides patients with a comprehensive program of care that acknowledges that skin is the largest organ in the body, after all, and that its condition is critical to an individual’s overall health.