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By Ann Kaplan Mulholland

“Just because I study spirituality-because I talk about it-that does not mean I am a good person, but it doesn't mean I am not either.”

Spirituality, Religion Not Regularly Discussed at the Deathbed

As much as instinct might suggest otherwise, a new study reveals that, in fact, religious and spiritual discussions aren’t a big part of a person’s end-of-life experience. And this is the case particularly where ICU physicians are concerned. The discussion of religious or spiritual considerations occurs in fewer than 20 percent of goals-of-care conferences in…

Regrets Only, Please

Regret is such an unpleasant emotion. It nibbles at the edges of choice, eroding certainty and filling the mind with uncomfortable contemplations. In full force, it suffocates the spirit, insisting upon a recognition of past decisions whose subsequent second-guessing can leave a soul reeling with remorse. Best to avoid the stuff altogether. A recent study…

Religious Brain Project Seeks Spirituality Links

The intersection of the spiritual realm and the physical body is a fascinating place to spend time. It is here that the former’s influence on the latter is revealed plainly, thanks to the view in afforded by science. The Religious Brain Project is a new study — among the first of its kind —

Taking a Spiritual Measure

The prickly relationship between spirituality and science is an enduring preoccupation for folks who claim fierce allegiance to either side of the marriage. But it’s a troubled one, too, given people’s inherent reluctance to share intimate details about their spiritual life and the challenge of social scientists to effectively gather such information in a way…