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By Ann Kaplan Mulholland

“The hardest thing to write about is your point of view - it becomes political.”

My Neighbor is a Buffoon

My new neighbour is a buffoon – a walking talking, idiot of a buffoon. The driver of his Rolls Royce keeps the temperature of the car at a level so as not to muss his bosses hair, let alone find drips of sweat down his powdered brow – hence, the humming of the vehicle as…

It is a Fiduciary Duty to have a Fiduciary Duty;The Beginning of a Bigger Financial Crisis than 2008 (but only after Wall Street [& Trump]) cashes out

An “alternative Thought Piece”, by Ann Kaplan Following the global financial crisis, capital for riskier more illiquid assets is far less available from the banking sector. The lessons learned from the prior crisis is that the regulatory response has created a situation where banks now have to hold more capital and are more restricted in…