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In this life-changing and entertaining book, Ann Kaplan offers thirteen witty, wry and inspiring chapters full of personal stories, no-nonsense advice and self-empowerment exercises that will help any reader understand how to get out of their own way. If you want to find a new life and if you want to be successful, Ann Kaplan has the answer. Straightforward, hilarious and unapologetic she provides the tools and advice that will help you move those self-imposed roadblocks, find wealth (greater than you ever imagined) and, yes, how to step on a path toward a life of true success.

Ann Kaplan is a world-traveling success coach, award-winning entrepreneur, CEO and “unhousewife” star of the hit TV show The Real Housewives of Toronto. She is also the mother of eight and a self-made millionaire. Her authentic and witty approach encompasses self-empowerment and tough-love—she has a unique and no-excuses way of telling it like it is and, without apology, saying “leave the crap behind.”

Dimensions: 240 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.01 in
Published: January 15, 2019
Publisher: Page Two Books, Inc.
Language: English
ISBN – 10: 1989025404
ISBN – 13: 9781989025406

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