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The Edge Interview: Ann Kaplan President and CEO of iFinance Canada

Ann Kaplan is the President and CEO of iFinance Canada, the parent company of Medicard, Petcard, Dentalcard, iFinance Tech, and iFinance Home Improvement. She’s won multiple awards for entrepreneurship and is also a co-star of Real Housewives of Toronto. She spoke with The Edge: A Leader’s Magazine for our Winners’ Circle feature, and a portion…

Owners given tips on higher interest rates

The big banks are raising interest rates – here are tips on how to react from Ann Kaplan, president and CEO of national consumer finance company iFinance Canada. Move to a fixed rate mortgage: Call various banks and negotiate the best rate. Consumers should be more willing to negotiate generally, whether it be rates, purchase…

CTV Calgary News: Dealing with Debt

Ann Kaplan appears on CTV Calgary News at Noon with Ian White to discuss dealing with debt, including discussion of variable and fixed-rate mortgages. No longer available at source.