Thought piece, By Ann Kaplan

Watch out– you need to READ BETWEEN THE LINES

Hey – why are we commenting on what Ivanka Trump posts on Instragram rather than digging through the vast amount of information and distractions that are being thrown at the world from the White House…

The Globe and Mail recently (Wednesday, January 25 – the Globe and Mail (Shawn McCarthy)) ran an in-depth story about the challenges of the Keystone (now called Keystone XL) Pipeline. But right on the heels of our environmental pushback, numerous and viral tweets and just as we are putting on our rubber boots to protest (or at least consider the impact of this decision) – Trump announces the 90 day ban – hold viewpoints – the ban takes precedent and Keystone XL is yesterdays news.  

Cat in the room? Smoke screen. What a brilliant distraction from the issues surrounding the pipeline.

Am I missing something or have I struck oil?

First, don’t get distracted from the KeyStone XL itself – Donald Trump wants you to believe that he is wanting the pipeline manufactured in the US. He is doing what any and every good negotiator would do – he is stating “we’re doing this, now negotiate on the details” – quite brilliant, if you consider he has (yet again) distracted from the main point (issues around the pipeline )to stating that “the pipeline will be sourced in the US”. Distraction 1: lead the reader to think “hey, trump is creating jobs”. least in the US.

In Canada, Trudeau, unwittingly or not, may push back and argue “we want the pipeline (at least that which is used in Canada) built in Canada.

Brilliant – the argument is no longer about the pipeline – it is distracted by who is supplying the materials and the news and commentary is around the job creation.

BUT, READ BETWEEN THE LINES: Accordingly to the article, 24% of the large-diameter pipe is from Evraz, Regina and 26 per cent from “offshore sources” and 50 per cent from a company in Arkansas.

Guess what, Evras Regina is a RUSSIAN OWNED Company, Evras is also located in Hotsprings, Arkansas.

Another dot to connect — In July 2015, Trump, when he became a candidate, had to file a financial disclosure report with the U.S. government. The report is 92 pages long ( Available via CNN on the internet.) It lists among his stock holdings shares in TransCanada Pipelines worth between “$250,000 and $500,000”. This was reported at the time by RT America, the Russian related news Agency

Now – draw your own conclusions.

WHO is benefitting from the KEYTONE XL?

Or did I miss something?


EVRAZ plc (Russian: ЕВРАЗ) is a multinational vertically integrated steel making and mining company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It has operations mainly in Russia, but also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Czech Republic, the United States, Canada and South Africa. The company employs about 100,000 people.[2] Evraz is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index