Spirituality and technology, once mortal enemies fiercely guarding their own unique share of our earthly existence, may not be such strange bedfellows after all. It’s not that you can have the a guru by email…but it certainly does provide access different options and opportunities.

Both forces, perhaps accepting the inevitable and tenacious presence of the other, have found happy coexistence of late in an impressive collection of spirituality applications. With these, so-inclined folks can dip into the well whenever the spirit moves them, and find an abundance of comforting resources to help boost personal growth (or really just feel good there)—no less diminished for the electronic delivery system that conveyed them.

Herewith, a selection of the best:

Ambiance. This sensitive application allows users to set their own mood by dialing up background inspiration in the form of soothing sounds. Pick from myriad choices in this unique environment-enhancing app, all of which encourage relaxation, meditation and—perchance—sleep. http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/ambiance/id285538312?mt=8

Be Happy Now. Banish the bad feelings with this app, designed to help in-the-dumps users remember life’s pleasures, big and small. Devote just 30 seconds to this Gratitude-Bliss Meditation approach, and you’ll have scored the power to render yourself happy—anytime, anyplace. 

Affirmations! This free android app delivers rosy slurs to the blues in the form of streaming positive energy. Thus affirmed, users can bookmark their favorites and send their stirring blush out across the Web. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/affirmations/id328011102?mt=8

• Buddha Box. Transport yourself to the peaceful scene of a Buddhist monastery with this app, which recreates the audio reality of this special environment with soothing chants and authentic music. Rare peace awaits inside this box. www.appstorehq.com/buddhabox-iphone-1063/app

White Noise. Silence your surroundings with a blast of pure white noise whose distraction-demolishing nothingness can clear the path for restorative meditation. Includes high-quality looping soundtracks of such pleasantly mind-numbing ear fillers as ocean waves, chirping crickets and rainfall. Beware though: this popular app may put you to sleep. www.tmsoft.com/iphone-whitenoise.html

• iZen. Call on this free music meditation app whose restful harmonies encourage transcendence to a place of internal tranquility and higher awareness. Daily Zen quotes offer guidance and an easy-to-navigate interface allows meditative users to adjust settings (including each piece’s duration) to their personal tastes. www.iphonemofo.net/index.php/izen

• Inspire Me Today. This app sends regular cascades of positive encouragement on a range of categories (relationships, business, health and wealth, among them) down the wires, courtesy of a collection of insightful writers and motivational speakers including Jack Canfield, Sir Richard Branson and Les Brown. Users can share the joy via Twitter and Facebook. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inspire-me-today-daily-inspiration

• Power Thought Cards. Enjoy a fresh take on the frustrating vagaries of life with this deck of 64 inspirational affirmation cards, each featuring a fetching illustration and an accompanying positive thought designed to help you find the inner strength that will power you through your day. Joker not included. www.oceanhousemedia.com/products