An impressive number of speakers at the conference led by Dr. Narottam Puri IMTD, President-Medical Strategy & Quality, Fortis Escorts Hospital Group, Mark Fam Deloitte Center Health Solutions, Canada, Ann Kaplan, President and Chief management, Medicard Finance Dr Vasanthi Srinivasan impressed, Director, Health System Planning and Research, Ontario Ministry of Health and Mr. Pradeep Thukral, Executive Director, Indian Medical Association Travel (IMTA) has submitted to public and the strengths of the Indian health system in Canada. Ms. Preeti Saran, Indian Consulate General in Toronto, where the event November 20, opened in 2009 also used the presence of delegates from India to a small-business networking lunch meeting the day before the special event, which was more than 100 Canadian business leaders and visited host health, “to develop synergies between India and Canada in the field of health care” The big highlight of the events were a experience sharing session to inform Canadian patients who have recently been treated in hospitals and Indian Health Roundtable Ontario Provincial administration office where the leaders of the Indian pharmaceutical industry in Canada and discussed opportunities for cooperation in various fields such as telemedicine and Public Health.

Ontario Health Authority is also concerned at the quality and effectiveness of health care leading hospitals in India has shown and announced his intention to visit a high-level hospitals in India and see how to send forces health of Indians to reduce the waiting lists can be used. Indian Medical Association Travel, the Embassy of India in Canada from the Department of Tourism and Hand Surgery Tourism Canada, this right the first specialized exhibition in Canada to encourage medical value travel to India. major exhibitors and speakers at the 2009 starting IMTD India, Fortis Healthcare, Max Hospitals, Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre Chennai, Lake Shore Hospital and KIMS Kerala, Madras Joint Replacement Center in Chennai, Soukya Wellness Centre, Bangalore and Human Medicity Jalandar.

The Indian Ministry Tourism, the highly successful “Incredible India” campaign in India to be promoted, must participate in IMTD accredited by JCI in 2009 and approved NaBH Indian hospitals and other medical supplies Travel Agents eligible under its MDA – Market Help Development Scheme. Therefore, participating hospitals were able to provide financial support for much of the advertising expenditure under MDA scheme of the Ministry of Tourism. According to Mr. Pradeep Thukral. Executive Director, Indian Medical Association Travel, Canada holds as a market for promoting medical tourism in India has great potential. Ascending He socialized health care system is under stress, and waiting lists. A long list of pending surgery nearly 850,000 Canadians stressed the need for this conference. Canadians are waiting to visit now open and a little tired of their wide range of options beyond the field of public health. IMTD therefore attracted massive local media coverage in Canada with leading broadcasters such as CBC, the Toronto Star and The Epoch Times about the event. “Voyage Indian Medical Association. www. indianmedicaltravelassociation. com a non-profit organization to prepare India to meet the challenges of global competition in the medical tourism space and updating the huge opportunity for India to become a leading destination worldwide health care. IMTA members a diversified base of India’s leading JCI accredited hospitals NaBH, Indian system of medicine and welfare services, the travel industry, insurance, medical assistance and facilitate Tourism Company.