The parents: Ann Kaplan Mulholland, Real Housewife of Toronto and CEO of iFinance Canada, & Dr. Stephen Mulholland, plastic surgeon

Home: Detached house on The Bridle Path

Kids: Luke, 28; Gabie, 26; Barrett, 26; Keaton, 25; Destiny, 20; Rock, 18; Molly,15; & Chase,14

Do you think city kids have unique advantages over those raised elsewhere?

Ann: I know kids who have grown up in more remote areas, but it doesn’t seem to be the area as much as the parenting. I’ve always wanted to raise my children where they had access to different activities. We utilize the Duke of Edinburgh program, so they can measure their community involvement in arts and athleticism.

How much independence do your younger kids have?

My younger ones would call me a helicopter parent, but I do need to know where they are. I think independence has to be earned and proven. There’s a lot of temptations and choices and being keenly aware and working with your kids on having parameters and limitations is important. I do have a group of parents that are like-minded, and we talk on a regular basis. When we do have concerns, we meet up and get coffee. That is something that I am proactive about.

Do you have many safety concerns, especially with your daughters?

There’s a lot of safety talk in our home. I find it frightening that my 20-year-old daughter has men come up to her, making gestures. Look at what’s come out with #MeToo. I couldn’t help but look at my daughter and think, “Have I done enough to teach her to speak out? Or to be able to assess a situation and say, ‘This is wrong’?” If I don’t talk to them and give them the tools, how can they learn?

Photo: Joel Clifton

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