By Renée Tse

If you’ve been keeping up with The Real Housewives of Toronto, you’ll know the season finale is coming up—fast. (It’s airing on May 9, btw.)

Between the drama and the ah-mazing wardrobe, it’s safe to say a lot has happened since the premiere. And judging from the look of it, the best has yet to come. Case in point: The vow renewal of Ann Kaplan Mulholland and her husband, Stephen Mulholland, will be aired.

“Stephen and I have gone through some very tragic events in the past few years,” says Ann. “Two of my sisters have passed, my mother, who lived with us for five years, recently passed, and we adopted two more children from one sister. Our home was full, and the losses were heavy.”

“Last year during a routine exam, we had a health scare that questioned our own mortality,” she continues. “All of this brought us closer. It also shone a light on how important each moment is, so I proposed to Stephen on his birthday and asked him to marry me again. We have renewed our vows twice—once at 10 years and once at 15 years.”

With the RHOT finale (and wedding season) just around the corner, we got an exclusive look at Ann and Steven’s lavish vow renewal at Toronto’ Design Exchange. Flip through the gallery to get a glimpse into their OTT but romantic celebration.

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