Ann Kaplan Mulholland is one of the stars of Real Housewives of Toronto, which airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Slice and is available on demand. She is also an award-winning CEO of iFinance Canada. Below, she breaks down her favourite locations in the city, to shop, eat and frequent. Follower her hysterical, witty and passionate journey via Instagram @annkaplan_ownit.

1 Sotto Sotto (120 Avenue Rd.) I eat healthy – obsessively healthy – but I also appreciate atmosphere, great service and delicious food. My go-to place with my husband is Sotto Sotto. Their specialty is great Italian food, but they cater to my obsessive vegetarian diet with an endless supply of perfectly cooked broccoli and the best minestrone soup west of Italy and that (mixed with Amarone Wine) is a perfect date night.

2 SpaMedica (66 Avenue Rd. #4) Skip the facials – I tend to go straight for skin clarity, even colour and tone. With my full-time position, I need to fit in one or two hour appointments once a month. To “get the job done,” I head to SpaMedica for “Pico Facials” (for an even tone) and “SilkPeels” (a glorified facial).

3 Fiorio (136 Cumberland St.) My “go-to” is Fiorio – it does not matter which stylist because they are all excellent.

4 The Room (76 Yonge St.) Who has the time? I love fashion and style, and will regularly use speed-dial for seamstresses but I need to constantly replenish my wardrobe. Not because I need new clothes … because I like to create and wear what I put together. I love to look at fashion (much like looking at artwork), but prefer the idea of putting my own ‘look’ together. My biggest shopping staple is The Room (for everything!).

5 Louis Vuitton (150 Bloor St. W.) Where else? Louis Vuitton! A purse is so ultimately important for finishing an outfit. I will expand into other brands if they are interesting, but the staples are aforementioned.

6 Izzy’s (402 Spadina Ave.) I cannot get past the fun of going to places like Izzy’s for artwork to find a deal on consignment art. It is a favourite pastime to just stroll, look and contemplate art and where one would put it. Furniture, to me, is also art.

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