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Dubai Emerging as Medical Tourism Hotspot

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Dubai Emerging as Medical Tourism HotspotPeople visit Dubai to see the Burj Khalifa, to partake in some killer shopping and to have themselves a butt lift.
Or at least so are the preoccupations revealing themselves to be the top tourist attractions for this exotic middle eastern locale.
In 2015, […]

Quick-Hit Thai Education Dangerous to Plastic Surgery Patients

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Quick-Hit Thai Education Dangerous to Plastic Surgery PatientsIndividuals looking to have a course of plastic surgery performed on their person would do well to steer clear of Thailand.
Recently, the largest global organization of aesthetic plastic surgeons condemned that country’s medical council for approving a plan to certify […]

Plastic Surgery World Hits Key Anniversary on the Nose

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Plastic Surgery World Hits Key Anniversary on the NoseIt was 202 years ago this week that the first modern plastic surgery procedure was performed.
Dr. Joseph Carpue’s efforts to reconstruct the nose of a patient—a British military officer who’d lost the protuberance to the toxic effects of […]

The Eyes Have it

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The Eyes Have itEnough with the liposuction and power bums. We have entered the age of the Perfect Eyelid.

In its most recent annual report, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has declared eyelid surgery (aka blepharoplasty) to be among last year’s top five cosmetic surgery procedures in the […]

Off-Label Kybella Treatment Explored

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Off-Label Kybella Treatment ExploredKybella, among the latest darlings of the plastic surgery set, was the hot topic at the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s annual gathering, “Plastic Surgery The Meeting,” held last week in Los Angeles.

Phil Haeck, a plastic surgeon from Seattle and a past president of the […]

Celebs Come (Proudly) Clean About Cosmetic Work

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Celebs Come (Proudly) Clean About Cosmetic WorkIt often seems, plastic surgery’s massive modern prevalence notwithstanding, that much of the energy swirling around the subject is expended in efforts of denial. Most everyone upon whom speculation about possible plastic surgical dalliances is cast works muscularly to deflect the stuff.

That […]

Teens Worried How “Normal” Their Genitals Are Seek Help

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GenitalsBy Ann Kaplan

More young women than ever are worried about the aesthetics of their genitals and, says a new study out of Australia, are approaching their GPs to explore their options for addressing them.

Girls as young as 15 are seeking advice about genital cosmetic surgery, says the new […]

North Korea Loosens its Grip

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north-korea-loosens-its-gripIt’s ironic that cosmetic surgery, a procedure ostensibly designed to improve people’s superficial appearance, can have so many layers beneath the surface.

Consider, for example, an ascending trend in North Korea that’s seeing demand for such surgery increase in response to its apparent correlation with overseas job opportunities.

According to […]

Muffin Top Shaming Poster Draws Ire

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muffin-top-shaming-poster-draws-ireIt was, to be sure, a sign of the times.

In an entirely conventional overture for this day and age, a Michigan plastic surgery clinic recently erected a billboard above the streaming lines of traffic that traverse the Interstate 94 of downtown Jackson, a little town in the centre […]

ISAPS Just-Out Stats Show Plastic Surgery on the Climb

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isaps-just-out-stats-show-plastic-surgery-on-the-climbMore individuals had plastic surgery in the US in 2013 than anywhere else in the world, knocking the country up to a top-spot post that beat out its next closest contender by almost 100 percent. But for the first time, Brazil edged out the States for number of surgical procedures performed (the […]

Laser Technology: An Evolution

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laser-technology-an-evolutionAfter giving birth to daughter North, Kim Kardashian sought to blast the stretch marks with which the prenatal experience had scarred her with a few kisses from a laser wand. Thanks in large part to the celebrity’s choice to broadcast the procedure on her weekly reality show, the […]

Follow up Facelifts Just as Successful as Firsts

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follow-up-facelifts-just-as-successful-as-firstsConcerns about secondary facelifts not being as effective as primary ones can be put to rest thanks to the results of a new study. The research, published in a recent issue of medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, confirms that taking another pass over the same territory will […]