The female anatomy has become somewhat of a focal point over the past decade, you could say forever, but it has taken on a new life of its own, what with liposuction, augmentation, a nip here, a tuck there. The choices are overwhelming and the shapes are, well, interesting.

Take the breast, for instance (easy topic). Choosing an implant is like shopping for drapes. Size, shape, how they’re hung, and who will see them. Think about it.

There is an investment too. We spend more to look like we have had less. Hideously contradictory is the constant strive to look natural. That’s where we’ve taken the turn. When breast implants became mainstream we were looking for bigger and better.

Names like Dolly Parton and Pamela Anderson popped out, but Anna Nicole kind of took away the glamour and put large breasts back into the “has been” … even Paris would say “not hot”.

But, regardless of the size, there are other issues that make us consider crossing the line – even if we have had nothing else surgically enhanced. Often, there is a drop in gravity after carrying and feeding and the instant reaction to a tearful “mother meets Junga King” and we fly off to the next opening to fill and lift, lining up in the waiting room behind the other mothers. Other times one just wants a change, usually for the bigger, not always for the better.

How to choose

So … what do we do with these particular coveted assets of the female anatomy that are ever changing, like fashion {only with a surgeon as a designer)?

l. First, we should think logically and long term (think grandma with doubles D’s). We should take our time, gather information, search the internet and ask people their experiences (men and women) … kind of like buying a car (note: you wouldn’t want truck headlights on a Mercedes).

2. Second, if the surgeon has been chosen wisely (i.e.: someone who is known and respected for breast augmentation) then the real consideration starts here. These guys are not going to tell us what to do; they are going to advise us. We should listen but ultimately, every decision is ours, so blaming the time, the moment, the era will not hold water in our own minds. Have a good look at ones own life and make some decisions based on common sense and knowledge.

3. And lastly … almost every woman will wish they went bigger. Post surgery, after slipping on new lingerie and showing a few friends, the initial reaction is “I should have gone bigger”. So best get over it early … trust your first instinct and stick to it. Try on the implants for size (they should give these to you in pre-op), and then put on your shirt over it… and your jacket. If you lead any type of a credible life, then think: you most likely spend more time with your clothes on than off. Looking good, not distracting, is equally as important as filling a bikini. Overly large “gazookas” do not fair well in a business suit or cocktail dress. A balanced and shapely figure looks good, but if this particular part of your anatomy enters a room a few minutes before you do, then you may as well back out, because one will not be remembered for anything else.

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