“Will that be coffee, tea or Botox?”

Wake up, this is 2008 and there is a menu of cosmetic procedures that will not impact your precious time (and time is precious); they actually force you to lose weight lunch eaten on the run) and will enhance your outer beauty, give you that glow and essentially help you regain or add to your self confidence. What does this mean? More confidence? Being more attractive? Attracting others?… hmmm.

Uncomfortable? Or are you joining the ranks of Scarlett Johansson’s (gads, I love being natural!) If you look like her, have a body like her, then join her. But, if you are even one injection from being the ultimate in perfection and you are not happy with your ageing process, you should continue reading or run the risk of sagging, inaccessible and inexcusable dermis eliminating any current or future partner from the ultimate enjoyment of your flesh or outer folds. But remember, the new “it” girl is not bottled and augmented, it is the self confident natural beauty who wears her lines like trophies won.

So, for all of those looking to “just touch up”, there are options. Welcome, lunchtime procedures! And, oh, by the way, if you are saying (or whining) “But. I don’t work… l don’t have a lunch hour”, guess what? Your lunch times just turned into three-hour treatments and you, my dear, have the ultimate advantage of being pampered without pressure… so “save it”.
Here it is, pull out the highlighter because the turn-back-the­time or pre mid-life-save-my-wrinkles-for-later treatments are available (and relatively speaking, affordable) … after all, isn’t a great outer fold with a dollop of self-confidence worth as much as a car lease?

The Skinny

Look in the mirror (and I don’t mean with a set smile and in dim light)… look critically. If your mouth is down turned, you have a fold between your eyes or your wrinkles (move the bangs) are showing lines equivalent to note paper – there is a solution – you can move the bangs and rejoice in what nature has given you – that is beauty in itself, or get Botox. Administered by a (reputable) doctor, over in moments and without pain, this procedure can and will erase years.

Injectible fillers
For all tight lipped and older individuals who are contemplating volume, this miracle cure for the unhappily chinless, lipless and those with parenthesized mouths will produce a new viewpoint and injection (no pun intended) of self confidence in a matter of minutes. Your lunchtime filler will leave you , possibly, bruised and beaten, but with results that make you forget the initial discomfort and keep coming back every quarter (line up the timing with financial reporting)

Want a new cutaneous glow – fresh as a baby’s bottom? Peels are great for removing that outer layer of skin, they can take place over lunchtime, you return to the office feeling refreshed and then wonder if “it actually worked”. It’s not over there, wait a day and se the flaking, embarrassing (and eventually) amazing results that go from worse to fantastic over the following few weeks. (Book some time with your head under the desk). These procedures don’t leave you uncomfortable or harmed, they work wonders, but the downtime means you take that extra project and find creative ways of “burying your shedding reptilian face” in it until otherwise appropriate.

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